Thinking about Selling

A few of the many reasons why people sell their homes include downsizing, upsizing, rightsizing, relocation to a new job or lifestyle changes. Regardless of the reason, as a seller your needs are very specific: to sell your home without hassles, quickly for the best possible price. Not just a big financial decision, but selling your home is also an emotional decision. We’ll make sure that you feel comfortable each step of the way and help guide you through the process.


Your real estate agent will take leadership in handling all aspects of your property sale, from pricing, marketing and showings to the intricate steps involved in closing the deal. Consider us your resource to answer any and all questions about the selling process, giving objective advice and helping you set an asking price. You agent can also help with home staging recommending small changes to make your property more appealing. Once listed on the MLS, we help attract potential buyers via web, print and the brokerage community, qualify would be prospects on your behalf. At the point at which offers come in, we skillfully negotiate on your behalf with full knowledge of market activity related to your property to secure the best price, suitable closing and work to bring the sale to its successful conclusion.


A property owner who wishes to sell their home usually signs a contract with a real estate company. This forms an agreement with the agent for a specific period of time to sell your property (ie: four or six months). Terms vary by agreement, but generally include things like duties of the realtor, the asking price, the amount of commission, length of the agreement, and other selling terms.